Project Hedra 0.12

  • Added paths generation.
  • Fixed a startup crash.
  • Improved GPU performance.
  • Fixed animations in water.
  • Fixed river borders.
  • Fixed swimming in rivers.
  • Added new villages connected to paths.
  • Added merchants in villages.
  • Travelling merchant now spawns near paths.
  • Fixed a bug with the glider.
  • Added animation & model cache.(less frame drops).
  • You can now interact with NPCs ( in the future they will be able to give out quests).
  • Added a new multithreaded collision system ( + performance ).
  • Fixed a big memory leak.
  • Dynamic compression of chunk data in the GPU.
  • New village ambient music
  • Longer rivers
  • Minor tweaks & bugfixes.

Please feel free to contact me with any problems or feedback you have with the game :)


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Sep 04, 2017

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