Project Hedra 0.42

  • Balanced the game and added a whole load of automated tests so It doesnt get de-balanced in the future.
  • Now grass & other loded plants appear smoothly on the terrain.
  • Added the ability to load simple mods into the game.
  • Added a cap to the consecutive hits.
  • Added a damage reduction stat, which scales with the level.
  • You can write /hello to greet.
  • Improved performance of UI rendering.
  • Fixed a bug where items with the same seed would variate in stats.
  • Added a level cap.
  • Added max mana & max health text info.
  • Improved the obelisk messages.
  • Increase the model size of the bee.
  • Increased the size of the blacksmith.
  • Increased the damage of RMB abilities.
  • Changed the default music level to 20%
  • Disabled the rain.
  • Fixed the health bar of some mobs being placed under them.
  • Fixed bosses getting damaged when spawning.
  • Fixed gorilla growl not working.
  • Fixed intercept while walking.
  • Fixed some far away chunks having a very high lod.
  • Fixed the aspect ratio of the game.
  • Fixed some sync errors.
  • Fixed the whirlwind animation while walking.
  • Fixed a bug where holes would appear in graveyards.
  • Fixed a bug where structures would appear on the map but wouldnt spawn.
  • Fixed a bug where the item image on the inventory would be far way from the mouse.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause a lower LOD size.
  • Fixed an inventory crash.
  • Fixed bandit camps tents not appearing.
  • Fixed being able to look the terrain on very steep mountains.
  • Fixed bosses sometimes not spawning.
  • Fixed campfires spawning in villages.
  • Fixed fog sometimes not adjusting correctly.
  • Fixed loading external models.
  • Fixed sometimes the market spawning in the air.
  • Fixed mobs going into the ocean and river.
  • Fixed noise texture moving with the tree animations.
  • Fixed reloading modules.
  • Fixed several "object" leaks and improved the overall performance when playing for a while.
  • Fixed the map flickering when loading.
  • Increased the notification size.
  • Improved performance when having a lot of mobs.
  • Improved the spawning of the bandit camp.
  • Improved tree placement.
  • More dense fog.
  • Now whirlwind scales the time and damage.
  • Now obelisks can replenish stamina.
  • Reduced the falling damage penalty.
  • Reduced the chance of spawning berries.
  • Removed the health regen.
  • Reduced significantly the game's size.
  • Removed bow knock.
  • Structures dont scale anymore with the player's level.
  • Fixed "When standing on a hill or even on a flat land, looking down quickly-ish you can see under the map/ground for a couple of seconds".
  • Fixed "Whirlwind cooldown goes negative".




Please feel free to contact me with any problems or feedback you have with the game :)


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Nov 04, 2018

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