Project Hedra 0.41

  • Readded the SFX when hitting ground
  • Added a show/hide console option.
  • Added an SFX when selecting characters.
  • Added ambient sounds near the water.
  • Added an underwater SFX.
  • Now bosses get tired after following the player for a while.
  • Buffed speed reduction of gorilla growl.
  • Fixed "Cooldown goes slower on less fps".
  • Removed HP regen except while sleeping.
  • Fixed beetle spit.
  • Fixed a graphics error on bandits.
  • Fixed capping the framerate.
  • Fixed going to the menu while mounted.
  • Fixed houses and building spawning underwater.
  • Fixed jumping on low framerates.
  • Fixed getting damaged while jumping.
  • Fixed memory leaks when creating multiple worlds.
  • Fixed the camera after opening the map while mounting.
  • Fixed opening map when on a horse.
  • Fixed skill cooldowns take longer on lower framerate.
  • Fixed spawning structures sometimes would be under the ground.
  • Fixed swimming bandits AI.
  • Fixed SFX not looping correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where skills would be shared between classes.
  • Fixed a bug where structure models wouldnt appear but collision and particles would.
  • Fixed a bug where the walking SFX would play in the water.
  • Fixed a bug where you wouldnt be able to roll in certain situations.
  • Fixed bug were player wasnt able to load a game with a dead character.
  • Fixed character angle when on loading screen.
  • Fixed game not playing the human walking animation.
  • Fixed getting damaged when respawning.
  • Fixed locking the framerate does strange things.
  • Fixed mobs making walking sound on water.
  • Fixed puncture skill.
  • Fixed some sound effects (like the horse running) not adapting to the game's volume.
  • Fixed structures models spawning underground.
  • Fixed taking a screenshot has a black band.
  • Fixed textfield not working in fullscreen mode.
  • Fixed the height of the health bar in humanoids.
  • Fixed water being overly transparent on the map.
  • Fixed spawning in an ocean
  • Fixed "When you charge up the 3 arrow shot with RMB the charging sound keeps playing like every 2 seconds".
  • Improved physics response on lower framerate.
  • Improved chunk LOD color borders.
  • Improved wrong culling of chunks.
  • Normalized the volume of all the sound effects.
  • Now bandits dont drown.
  • Now you can have up to 4 characters.
  • Reduced the audio range.
  • Renamed button to StartMenu.
  • The travelling merchant now sells the boat.
  • You can now attack when under the water

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Please feel free to contact me with any problems or feedback you have with the game :)


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Oct 21, 2018

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