Project Hedra Alpha 0.1

What's new since the last update?

  • New generation algorithm (more interesting terrains)
  • Improved more diverse color system (partially done)
  • Added a new tree type
  • Added rivers
  • Added a new keyboard tutorial screen ( F4 )
  • Made game more intuitive for new players
  • Better dynamic fog calculation
  • Improved CPU performance by a significant amount
  • Implemented LOD (better GPU and CPU performance)
  • Added alpha icon
  • Improved entity spawning performance
  • Fixed cementery not spawning
  • Added quest icon in minimap
  • Reworked Quest Log GUI
  • Added an option to turn off shadows
  • Bigger chunk size (bigger render distance)
  • Extended shadow render distance
  • Added a jump sound
  • Some tweaks on physics and collision
  • Fixed animations sometimes getting stuck
  • Added glider ( still a WIP )
  • Fixed grass animation
  • Improved generation time
  • Added rocks
  • Added bushes
  • Bigger trees
  • Re added village houses
  • Changed start screen


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Aug 10, 2017

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Turning off Shadows creates a weird Silouete of the enviroment when looking through something Translucent like Water. i can replicate this but i have no idea how to replicate this in a way that you would find usefull Though;  So i will work on that on my end. 

I was able to reproduce it, thanks for reporting and consider it fixed for the next update! :)