Project Hedra 0.38

  • Added Intercept skill, where you sprint and collide with an npc knocking them down for a few seconds.
  • Improved the scaling of several skills.
  • Added a max level cap to some skills.
  • Added a headbutt attack.
  • Added a right punch attack.
  • Added a new fighting ambient song.
  • Fixed campfires spawning underground.
  • Fixed incorrect damage labels appearing when damaging pets.
  • Fixed the fog glitching after opening the map.
  • Fixed graveyard positioning.
  • Fixed the help message not appearing.
  • Fixed gray highlight in graveyards.
  • Fixed a bug when pausing the game with the glider on.
  • Fixed structures not recreating.
  • Fixed a memory leak related to structures.
  • Fixed a bug where the graveyard would lose its black highlight.
  • Fixed a crash when using the RMB without a weapon.
  • Fixed village range of dissapeareance.
  • Improved collision with multiple structures.
  • Improved the left punch animation.
  • Improved the right punch animation.
  • Replaced the bash animation.
  • Fixed a bug with the bash animation.
  • Added progressive stats to the bash animation.
  • Improved CPU performance on several structures.
  • Removed weapon throw skill.
  • Now some structures have special ambient songs.
  • Removed class prefixes from skill names.
  • Fixed a bug where structures wouldnt build.
  • Better performance when rendering chunks.
  • Added welcome to village messages.
  • Added a new rogue attack animation stance.

The new songs where made by Max Wardle




Please feel free to contact me with any problems or feedback you have with the game :)


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Sep 09, 2018

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