Project Hedra 0.33

  • Added new claws!
  • Added new katars!
  • Added a sun to the sky
  • Added an inventory open sound.
  • Added melee damage resistance to warriors and rogues.
  • Added stars to the night sky.
  • Changed the sky colours.
  • Now the game detects when a player file is corrupt and uses a backup.
  • Improved water visibility when opening the map.
  • Fixed the premature culling of structures.
  • Fixed effect particles not displaying on the entire entity.
  • Fixed sky colors moving with the camera
  • Fixed trails when swinging the sword.
  • Fixed boss name not showing up.
  • Fixed some geometry issues in the water LOD.
  • Fixed the item info title being displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed the horse becoming invisible when in FPM.
  • Improved night and day colors.
  • Improved significantly performance.
  • Fixed "Items lighting depends on daytime".
  • Made the blacksmith tradeable.
  • Fixed bugs where some models wouldnt render but they would still be collidable (giant trees).
  • Improved memory usage significantly.
  • Fixed "When I load a world, I always start with about 1/10 health".
  • Fixed a bug where you would get invisible after opening the map.
  • Fixed sky color interpolation.


Please feel free to contact me with any problems or feedback you have with the game :)


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Jul 01, 2018

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start up is very long

Does the logo show? How much time are we talking about? Send me the log.txt file

yes it does, the start up just shows a black screen for a bit and shows whats being loaded

You mean a console? How much time are we talking about? Can you send me the file in the game's directory called log.txt?

yes and about 10 seconds sometimes longer


What program do you use to make games? I use unity.

It's a custom engine