Project Hedra 0.31

  • Added arrow physics
  • Added a new attack for the gorilla.
  • Added a jump when you get knocked up.
  • Added a new beetle as a tree boss.
  • Added a new song to the soundtrack.
  • Added a new fear icon.
  • Added a new bloom effect as default.
  • Adjusted health rates.
  • Attacking or rolling while in water breaks the game
  • Added a bloom effect at the start.
  • Buffed resistance skill.
  • Fixed weapon throw min value.
  • Fixed a bug where getting stunned while doing the whirlwind would glitch.
  • Fixed a crash near the bandit camp.
  • Fixed the crosshair scale.
  • Fixed gamma correction.
  • Fixed a bug where the graveyard lighting would work incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug where the UI locked.
  • Fixed a bug where a mob missing several attacks would stack the undealt damage and deliver an uber attack.
  • Fixed a bug regarding bandits speed.
  • Fixed skills description not updating correctly.
  • Added a special AI to the gorilla.
  • Add an animation to grabbing items.
  • Improved getting stuck while jumping.
  • Improved the gorilla model.
  • Improved physics performance.
  • Increased the sheep idle time.
  • Made friendly animals look at player.
  • Added a new sheep model.
  • Improved the performance when loading a world.
  • Removed the giant skeleton from graveyards.
  • Reworked sheep AI.
  • Reworked the entire lighting system.


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Jun 04, 2018

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