Project Hedra 0.28

  • Completely new map.
  • Added icon system for minimap.
  • Lots of code refactoring.
  • Fixed sometimes chunk loading partially.
  • Fixed sometimes chunk loading wrong geometry.
  • Map now updates in realtime.
  • Improved structure distribution.
  • Fixed a bug where ambient would remain after leaving villages.
  • New glider model.
  • Made roll slower but immune.
  • Fixed wrong label when getting damaged by water.
  • Fixed water rendering on map.
  • Fixed glass sound at the start.
  • Fixed a bug when picking up items.
  • Added a village icon.
  • Completely new map which shows structures.
  • Improved map opening animation.
  • Added an autoupdate feature to the minimap.
  • Fixed shadows on the minimap.
  • Fixed "Minimap icon locations are inverted compared to player view".
  • Fixed zooming in makes the minimap go black.
  • Added a marker to show near villages.
  • Fixed a bug where you would die when spawning.
  • Fixed a crash when riding pets.
  • Fixed mobs attacking you in distance.
  • Fixed crash when riding a horse.
  • Fixed a bug where trading and opening the inventory would make the game lock
  • Fixed trailrenderer crash shader.
  • Removed speed visual effect when riding a pet.
  • Fixed archer arrows skill description.

Please feel free to contact me with any problems or feedback you have with the game :)


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Apr 23, 2018

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