Project Hedra 0.26

  • Added a new item stats menu.
  • Reworked completely the Inventory UI.
  • Completely reworked the item system.
  • Added an ooze.
  • Added new items & temporarily removed others.
  • Added a completely new and more robust trading GUI.
  • Fixed a bug where the inventory was shared amongst all of the characters.
  • Fixed several minor bugs.
  • Fixed a bug where you could place any object in the mount slot.
  • Increased spawning animation speed
  • Mobs now drop gold.
  • Completely reworked bear & boar animations.
  • Fixed worlds not unloading correctly.
  • Fixed the world ending near 0,0.
  • Removed interpolation for visual messages.
  • Fixed the game crashing when trading.
  • Improved invetory buttons hitboxes when hovering.
  • Improved text in the character selection screen.
  • Fixed a bug where sheeps would drop berries.
  • Made trade inventory dont close when alt-tabbing.
  • Added a more robust way of handling exceptions (less crashes :D ).
  • Fixed a bug in the scaling of weapons.
  • Fix player not playing spawning animation.
  • Fixed bandits attacking when knocked.
  • Made Damage tint faster showing.
  • Fixed a bug regarding the glider.
  • Fixed a bug where quitting the game while dead would leave everything in an inconsistent state.
  • Fixed "Knocked animation passes when the game is paused".
  • Added a snake.
  • Fixed the weapons on the back of the character not moving according to the animations.
  • Fixed a bug where you would get stuck on the loading screen.
  • Fix boss bar stays open after boss is killed.
  • Improved damage sfx.
  • Attacking with empty hands now does damage.
  • Fixed randomly dropping gliders.
  • Fixed leak of meshes on weapon creation.
  • GPU memory is now cleared after every world load. (This means less terrain graphic artifacts.)
  • Improved the speed of the empty hands attacking animation.
  • Increased the chances of spawning a village.

Please feel free to contact me with any problems or feedback you have with the game :)

I also created a Twitch account where I occasionally stream the development of the game. Feel free to follow me.


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Mar 26, 2018

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