Project Hedra 0.25

  • Added bears to the game (Thank you /u/Afrotoast42])
  • Added gnolls to the game (Thank you /u/Afrotoast42)
  • Fixed arrow speed.
  • Finished the groundwork for implementing a biome system.
  • Improve the damage balance of the game.
  • Monsters no longer spawn inside structures.
  • Improved chest performance.
  • Fixed mobs sudden rotation.
  • Improved mobs alignment with terrain.
  • Fixed animals rotation in certain axes.
  • Removed the fixed cursor state from loading screen.
  • Fixed a bug where only some types of mobs would spawn.
  • Added a command for spawning humanoids.
  • Fix structure models not showing sometimes.
  • Bandits now sleep at night.
  • Fixed the lighting on certain model types.
  • Added a spawning sound effect.
  • Bandits are waken up by nearby sounds when sleeping.
  • Player now wakes up from sleeping when damaged.
  • Changed the death sound. (The glass break sound)
  • Improved rogue damage with the starting blades.
  • Made gaining XP easier.
  • Fixed dying in bed.
  • Fixed structure position persistance.
  • Fix going to load screen while running with an archer shows an arrow model.
  • Reduced the chance of the game doing "blocky" movements.
  • Fixed all issues with the 3D by using a 3DTexture
  • Removed old minimap icons.
  • Refactored the HumanoidAI
  • Fixed strange graphics issues with the terrain.
  • Archer now slows down when attacking.
  • Goats are now bigger.
  • Fixed "Exiting the game and realoding has a high chance of making you spawn in a graveyard".
  • Nerfed bandits.
  • Reduce CPU usage for certain mob updates.
  • Improved the enemy spawning algorithm
  • Added "miss shots"
  • Fixed mob rotation when attacking.
  • Remove the mob cap.
  • Fire now extinguishes underwater.
  • Fixed swimming over water
  • Made some progress in the Mac & Linux versions
  • Made sleeping pad a bit more random
  • Reduce the poly count of some small models.

Please feel free to contact me with any problems or feedback you have with the game :)


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Mar 11, 2018

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