Project Hedra 0.23

  • Increased the shadow range.
  • Reworked the map
  • Improved shadow quality with lower render distance.
  • Added an entity spawning animation.
  • Fixed particles from the player running.
  • Improved character creation warnings.
  • Fixed character selection screen.
  • Added a new chest model.
  • Fixed collision with the giant tree.
  • Changed structure distribution.
  • Added a region system to the world
  • Renamed some buttons to display the new focus of the game.
  • Added groundwork for a biome system.
  • Fixed collision with some trees.
  • Fixed sometimes the boss in the giant tree not spawning.
  • Imporved overall tree distribution.
  • Added support for multiple types of trees in the world.

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Please feel free to contact me with any problems or feedback you have with the game :) something.


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Feb 12, 2018

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Hi, i have an NVIDIA GTX 960M and i have an visual bug.

It only happens with the GTX because with the integrated, there is no bug but i cant play well (15FPS)

Can you show me a screenshot of the bug?