Project Hedra 0.17

  • Fixed Sound Engine issues with 64 bit systems.
  • Added a new OST.
  • SSAO is now cheaper for the GPU.
  • Fixed a memory leak with fonts.
  • Increased firecamps frequency and fixed it's fireplace.
  • Fixed terrain collision on river edges.
  • Increased the camera distance from the player.
  • Faster jumping.
  • Improved the fog calculation formula.
  • Removed MSAA completely.
  • Added a splash screen to the game.
  • Text is now drawn with drop shadows.
  • Reduced terrain reflectivity.
  • Fixed the orientation of some village collision boxes.
  • Fixed water dissapearing when no shadows.
  • Added eating SFX.
  • Added water splash SFX.
  • Added new walking SFX.
  • Added on hit SFX.
  • Added new menu SFX.
  • Added new enviroment SFX.
  • Added fire camp SFX.
  • Added mob walking SFX.
  • Fixed sound system crashing the game.
  • Added new sounds to several abilities.
  • Balanced volume more across sfx.

This update includes a whole new SFX and a new OST among many other improvements.

Please feel free to contact me with any problems or feedback you have with the game :)


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Nov 20, 2017

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