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Linux build

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my download page doesn't seem to have the steam key attached even though I claimed the game 3 years ago


Steam keys are only available for those who bought the game/donated before.

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oh I got it during the alpha sale so that might be why

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if you paid for it then it should appear


is this multiplayer

and if not will it ever be?


> is this multiplayer

> and if not will it ever be?
Probably not


what if we give you monies?

prob not


They are on the steam page

Will there be a Linux version?

There might be depeding on the success on the game.


When will it launch?

 I'm very anxious, this game is wonderful.

Thanks for the nice comment! My goal is to launch the game the 24th of January of 2020 in Early Access. 

wait so can we download this on steam yet?

It's not available to buy yet, you can only wishlist it for now

Well, since I blacklisted Steam years ago, and the reasons for that are still standing, I am now removing this game from my watching list...

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That's unfortunate and I am sorry for the dissapointment and I understand your decision. However its not profitable for me to maintain 2 forks of the project, a steam one and an one so that will not change

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Would there perhaps be a way to play the game currently or shall we wait until you have released the early access on steam? I am quite thrilled from the trailers and showcases!


Unfortunately no, I used to do bi-weekly beta releases to a select group of people but it was quite time consuming and I prefer to focus entirely on development. With that said I appreciate your interest in the game and if I start to do more closed betas I'll let you know

Very well that sounds fair. Thank you for your kind reply and good luck setting the game up!

Well, thank you for showing interest in the game! I really appreciate  :)

Is it still possible to play the demo?


So people who own the game here will get steam keys right?



Deleted 2 years ago

So there is no way to play the demo?


how i play the game?

Via STEAM when the game is released

Crashing when opening at full screen: it tries to load, creates a small black window, and a Windows message appears informing the app has crashed.

Thanks for reporting this, please try again it should now send me the crash report. Also what is your Widnows version, Do you have .Net 4.0 ? And how many monitors?

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Windows 10 Pro, .Net 4.6.2 installed, single monitor setup (1080p). I'll re-install the game and try again.

Tried and crashed. I didn't notice if a crash report was sent, by the way.

How strange, Does it show anything on the console? I am going to try to reproduce the error.

Nothing at all. Just this:

I think I know why the crash isnt reporting, could you please restart the launcher?

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- when changing resolution text doesn't line up with mouse cursor.

- when creating character the top of the head is cut off and hard to see what changes.

- fullscreen not working correctly (crashes)

- need more resolution (like 1600x900) etc

- game locks up when first starting game (gliding in on bird)

- uses over 50% CPU usage

Thanks for the feedback!
-When the game started was it fullscreen and in the right resolution?

-Did you manage to play something or it was constantly crashing?

-By locked up you mean it stalled when starting the run? Could you see the terrain or it crashed? Could you move, play or do something?

i could create a character okay but his body didn't fit in the hit point frame (the one with hitpoints and the select button)

the game started at 1366x768 and when I pushed the fullscreen button the window switched to a smaller one with only half the buttons showing and the mouse cursor didn't line up with them

i could not see any terrrain when the game started just him standing there with no ground underneath him and it freezes.

I uploaded a new version (0.375) which should fix most of your issues, I always optimized a bit so the CPU usage has been reduced now. I also added a loading screen. Please let me know if you have any other problems/bugs/crashes

crashes at startup, there is no error log that i can send you. just ends with the error "this program has stopped working" and I get a white screen background.

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Thanks for the report. Do you have .NET Framework v4.5 installed? If you dont please install it, Meanwhile I am looking for the error. Whats your OpenGL version?

Hmm no I will install .NET 4.5 and try it again thank you.

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If that doesnt work try downloading the new version I uploaded to Your welcome

A crash was just automatically reported to me, so if you had any problems, update the game. Latest is 0.37

I do not see the new version it is still at 0.365 according to the launcher.